Hello! I am a Minnesota based photographer who specializes in weddings, elopements, engagements, as well as family & children photography. To me, photography is not just snapping a posed photo. I truly strive to create a natural and fun environment where laughter, creativity, and happiness can flow. This allows me to capture the love emitting from real moments, meant to be cherished for years and generations to come.
I started my photography journey early on in life, before I really even knew what the actual term “photography” was. When I was a child, I loved playing with any type of camera I could get my hands on. I went through countless rolls of film, mostly chasing around the family and the family pets (driving them crazy, might I add). It sounds silly, but they were the inspiration for my passion as a kid. Eventually I grew into my hobby and became obsessed with developing my own film in the darkroom, which I was so fortunate to have learned from my wonderful High School art teacher, Mr. Noreen. After truly deep diving into the film photography world, I began to also develop an interest for digital photography, which became my passion.
 i also became fixated on adventure. I wanted to see the world and capture the essence of new places and different cultures. Along with photography, I also have a huge passion for Anthropology. I love new perspectives, and seeing life outside of my own reality. This has been a huge game changer for my work as a photographer, as I really learned to capture true moments which reflect actual experiences and invoke emotion. I have carried this passion into my creative process, which is why I am so big into capturing real smiles, laughter, and love, opposed to only stiff posed shots. As a photographer, I put myself in a vulnerable position of silliness. I do what it takes to get the smiles, even if it is making funny faces to kids, singing and dancing to silly songs, or even trying to crack a few jokes (usually not all that funny but gets the job done, lol). A fun and upbeat environment is what I try to create as a directer, love, light, and happiness is what I strive to capture as a photographer.
When I am not looking through my viewfinder, I also am a painter, nature lover, traveler, hiker, dog & cat lover, book worm, and most importantly, I have a wonderful family and am a mom to an amazing little boy!

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