Kelsey is simply amazing. She made our wedding day fun and relaxed as we knew she would do a great job! She is very flexible and talented. We highly recommend her!! 

Kelsey is amazing! Has a beautiful eye for capturing life’s greatest moments

The pictures turned out above and beyond our expectations. The candid moments are so real and beautiful!

How long will it take to get the photos back?
 I always am so excited to get home to see the photos and reflect on the day. the standard turnaround time is 6-8 weeks, but of course I always give ya some sneak peeks to hold you over! 

Do you limit the gallery to a certain amount of images?
Nope! I never have a limit of photos, You will get all of the "keeper" photos from the whole day. typically this is around 100 photos per hour. 

How will we receive the photos?
You will be able to access the photos through an online gallery, which will be sent to your email once the photos are ready. From the gallery, you are able to view, download, and share the photos, as well as order professional quality prints/ products. you will have printing rights to print the photos anywhere you would like, you do not have to order through me.  

What is your photography style?
I love to capture real moments, natural laughter, and true emotion. I think of my style as bold and colorful, but also timeless in a way that will still look good in 50 years. with my editing style, I try to avoid being overly dark or super bright, and just stay somewhere in the middle. However, I can edit more one way or the other depending on a clients personal preference. For example, if you want your photos to be a bit more moody, I can definitely keep that in mind while editing! 

Do you do videography?
I don't have a package that specifically adds a videographer, but if you are interested in having a videographer let me know and I can help find one within your budget. I have worked alongside many videographers that i know and trust, and can definitely find the perfect fit for you. I also always enjoy being able to communicate and share ideas/ shots so videographers are always welcome!! 

Do you work by yourself or with a second photographer?
I typically work by myself, but I do offer the option of adding a second shooter. if that is something you are interested in, message me and we can go over details!  

Do you offer discounts?
I do offer military and first responder discounts! i appreciate you guys more than you know and am happy to give these discounts so please notify me if i am unaware! Aside from this, i stand by my package pricing and typically do not offer sales. I don't just because i love you all and want to be fair to the person who booked before the sale started. i mean i would feel pretty bummed too if i booked a wedding at full price and it went on sale the next day! however, if you love my work but are stressing about your budget, message me! We can usually create a custom package and make something work. 

Color or black and white photos?
I provide all photos in color, but for some photos I will add a copy of black and white, in addition to the color version. I find that certain photos just look amazing in black and white (especially candids), but definitely not practical for all photos. I can also take requests if you have any that you would love in black and white in addition to color.

Can you make me look good?
 let's be real, we aren't all super models and i totally understand having insecurities, especially while having your photo taken! you can count on me to keep you in the loop if something looks off, and of course I always try to create poses that are flattering, and will provide direction if you aren't sure about something. like for example, where to put your hands if they are dangling and looking unnatural, which angle to stand that looks best, etc. I will gladly edit out pimples or anything like that, but cannot and will not edit anything major about someones appearance.  

Do you help with the timeline planning?
yes! I strongly encourage you to ask for help while planning your schedule, and i don't mind at all giving you samples to help guide you! I totally get that wedding planning can be hard, and i'm here to help! you are welcome to message me with questions anytime, even if it's not photography related. i've done weddings enough to know the in's and out's of all the behind the scenes planning and can totally be helpful in other departments as well! 


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